Nature Nurture Nudes

Posted on April 28, 2019 in Exhibitions

The following exhibition text accompanies Katherine’s latest group show Nature Nurture Nudes at The Table Gallery, Hay-on-Wye now until 18th May 2019. 

Katherine’s expressive artwork arises from experiences which are at once both monumental and intimate. Her most recent work showcased here, explores how place affects person. Painted whilst in Granada, Spain and Morocco, these abstract works echo the rhythms of an unfamiliar environment and culture.

For Katherine, the act of making art is a visceral one. As a means to opening up, accessing a degree of physical empathy in her work and having a sense of personally experienced what she is exploring, she often employs sensory processes and rituals in her practice. Movement, touch, scent, music, discomfort and arousal are all used as an integral part of creating new work. These artistic practices come into their own whilst travelling through foreign lands.

Trained at Chelsea College of Art, Katherine originally worked internationally as a lingerie designer. Arising from this, femininity and feminism are themes which often occur throughout her drawings and paintings. And while she has recently broadened her enquiry to encompass the body, motherhood and identity, the duality of the monumental and intimate, always forms the foundation of her artwork.

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