Katherine Sheers May 21, 2018

‘Last year something in me broke. Following the premature birth of my youngest daughter I developed severe postnatal depression. Inhabiting the imperfection of motherhood, intimately aware of the raw vulnerability of the body and self, I surrendered to a humbling lack of control. Drawing with my daughter held close to my body, her presence began to direct the marks I made – both literally as I used my hands interchangeably to smudge pastels and dip feathers into ink to strike the page, and figuratively as her weight and warmth against my chest led me to draw from a place of love. During the making of this work I’ve experienced a willingness to carry and be carried – I don’t feel wholly responsible for the figures that have emerged, but I do wish to honour their fragile flesh and serpentine emotions.’

Katherine Sheers

‘The works in Undercurrent trace emotions and ideas of the self through layers of drawn lines. Impressions left by the bodies and by the body of work as a whole are somehow both direct as well as hidden. No one word befits the interpretation of any image, and through the repetition that is integral to Sheers’ practice, her subjects live freely beneath their fluid rhythm and surface: undefined and complex.’

Sarah Boulton (curator of Undercurrent)


The words above are taken from the exhibition text for my latest show Undercurrent which opens tonight at The River Cafe, Glasbury and runs until 8th July 2018.

For those of you unable to visit the exhibition, selected pieces can be found in Portfolio – Drawing and in the Shop area of this website.